October 17th – Ranch Day Highlights


It was a crisp autumn morning when 9 middle-school age kids arrived on a bus from Boys and Girls Club at Son Valley Ranch.  They were enthusiastically greeted by a host of volunteers and 3 farm dogs.  The day quickly got underway as the kids went in small groups to the various stations throughout the ranch.  Face painting, nature hikes, horseshoe painting and riding horses made up the bulk of the day.  A rowdy group game of egg toss made for a wonderful finish.

Most importantly, the gospel was shared with the children and one young girl accepted Christ and became a Christian.  We as staff wanted to share this day with you, and thank you for coming alongside in prayer and giving.  We are always encouraged as God is using such a diverse group to accomplish His work on a small farm with a few horses.  We are humbled and grateful.Group Photo













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