Foster Facts

Did you know that 80% of prison inmates have been in foster care?
Did you know that 30% of homeless people were former foster kids?

There are well over half a million children in the foster care system.
20% of these have had their parent’s rights terminated.

There are 9,000 foster children in Tennessee:
1/3 are 0-5 yrs
1/3 are 6-12 yrs
1/3 are 13-21 yrs

45% of these children experience 3 or more foster care placements.
15% live in group homes.
11% “age out” of foster care at 18yrs without being adopted or reunited with parents.

Within a year and a half of leaving foster care:
27% of males are in prison
30% are on welfare
50% are unemployed.

We want to change these statistics one child at a time!

Facts from:
ACF, KAW, Casey