Meet Our Horses


Born:  2006
Breed:  Paint Gelding
Color:  Dun overo with bald face and one glass eye
History:  Rescued in 2009 by the Humane Society with 83 other starving horses.  Adopted by Perrigos in 2009.  Broke to ride in 2010.  Competes in stock horse pleasure and western dressage.
Personality:  Very laid back, calm.  Wise.  Trusting.
BFF:  June, Trader
Son Valley Ranch Horses
Born: 4/22/2010
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Rose Grey
History: Bred into royalty for horse racing.  Originally owned by the Sheik Mohammed of Dubai.  Was in training in Kentucky to race and sustained a knee injury and was donated to an adoption facility to find another course in life.  Adopted by Perrigo’s in 2013 to be used for 3 day eventing competitions.  Will be used by ranch kids when he turns 5 years old.
Personality: Inquisitive, smart, and playful.
BFF: Cowboy, if Cookie will share.
Born: 2005
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Color: Black with a pink snip
History: Bought at a local auction for $150 to save him from going to slaughter. Arrived very sick and malnourished. Donated to the ranch by a friend in March 2014.
Personality: Quiet and sweet. Gets excited for meals.














Born: 2000
Breed: Pony/Miniature
Color: Palamino
History: Given to the ranch after Bandit passed away (see below)
Personality: Trusting with children. Shy with adults.
BFF: Chiono













Born:  1992 (Passed away 2014)
Breed:  Shetland Pony Gelding
Color:  Dapple grey with flaxen mane and tail
History:  Owned by Perrigos since 2005.  Unknown before.
Personality:  Likes fun and games.  Extremely smart.  Can pull a cart.  Thinks he’s one of the big boys.  Lays down on command.  Likes to ride in parades.
BFF:  All the Geldings.
Son Valley Ranch Bandit

Born:  1997
Breed:  Arab Welsh Pony
Color:  Flea bitten grey
History:  Worked at a kids camp in North Carolina.  Owned by Perrigos since 2008.  Competes in pony club eventing (dressage, stadium jumping and cross country jumping).
Personality:  Motherly to those she loves.  Doesn’t like to get muddy.  The princess at the farm.
BFF: Chiono


Born:  4/16/1988
Breed:  Tennessee Walking Horse
Color:  Sorrel
History:  Bred as a show horse.  Extensively shown in many states as a youngster.  Owned by Perrigos since 2005.  Found at same farm as bandit and didn’t want to be separated.
Personality:  Quiet and sweet.  Wants peace at all costs.  Likes children.
BFF:  Cowboy

Born:  6/17/1999
Breed:  Tennessee Walking Horse
Color:  White
History:  Bred and probably shown as a show horse.  Owned by Perrigos since 2005.
Personality:  Serious.  The boss of the herd.  Strong work ethic.
BFF:  June
Son Valley Ranch - Chiono

Born:  2002
Breed:  Arab Mix
Color:  Sorrel with white blaze and white socks
History:  Unknown
Personality:  A follower.  Quiet.  Smart.
BFF:  Cookie

Breeze (Passed away 2013)
Born:  3/10/1999
Breed:  Appendix Gelding (1/2 Quarter Horse, 1/2 Thoroughbred)
Color:  Sorrel with 3 white socks and a white star
History:  Trained as a barrel racer, but hated it.  Owned by Perrigos since 2005.  Now competing in stock horse pleasure class and western dressage.
Personality:  Goofy.  Likes to be the center of attention.  Smiles on command.
BFF:  Charlie
Son Valley Ranch Horses